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Letting the Boys In

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My ex slut GF actually let herself be m*****ed and fucked by her young 1/2 black adopted teen son and two of his friends while they thought she was passed out naked and d***k. But she only acted it when she got home and made sure she had very little clothes on. She confessed while acting d***k that she got fucked real good by a few guys outside of a bar (which was true) and that she had to clean up her pussy. When she was cleaning her cunt in the bathroom she made sure she left the door open so they could see her naked and then got turned on and started pinching her very hard big nipples and f… Read more

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Sister and Friend Learn to Please Daddy


Sister and Friend Learn to Please Daddy ---------- There was a nice breeze blowing thru the horse barns with both loft and barn doors open. I was sitting at a makeshift table of hay bales making my daily dairy entry, when my little sister and one of her friends came into the barn just below me. They were holding hands and giggling as thir*teen year-old girls do. I paused and watched them as they fluffed up hay in one of the empty stalls. To my amazement, both girls began to undress and lay down on an old horse blanket. They began to lick on each other's tiny breasts. Their hands rubbed their… Read more

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Business at the Farm


Business at the Farm Dad was dumbfounded at his luck in acquiring the farm from his client. And at that moment, he decided it was time for a change in our lives. At the end of the school year, we moved from the big city to Prestige Farm. In the middle of nowhere, this 640 acre, Horse Hobby Farm became our new home. It was an immaculate place and completely furnished. A large A-frame main building was beautiful, consisted of three floors. The lower floor measured at least 30-feet wide and 60-feet deep with a huge stone fireplace in the center, capable of holding 4-foot logs with an immense wo… Read more

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Today's story will be with one more of Dad's brothers. My beloved Uncle Orlando, who just was not more incisive, direct, runaway, slutty and shameless for lack of space. I confess that before we became lovers, friends, and confidants, he had laziness. Feeling, which not only made my approach difficult, but also my greatest excuse, to disdain him, completely ignoring his physical and intellectual attributes, which since mid-2017, more than respected, are greatly admired by me. Uncle Orlando, besides proving me, to be a great sexual partner, naturally showed me his intelligence, which insisted… Read more

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When I got divorced back in 1987 I was a very horny man that had not had sex in many years. I had always liked to dress up in nylons etc and learned long ago that I was Bi and liked cocks and pussy. When I finally got my own place after the divorce I almost always would lay around the house dressed in nylons garter belt high heel sandals sheer panties and a baby doll. I always kept my toes painted red and sometimes on long weekends would also paint my nails on my hands red. I would spend most days playing with my toys fucking my ass and jacking off my cock and shooting nice loads of cum all ov… Read more

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Stepmom Flashes


Shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I was in my head with resentment that my dad and stepmom had kept me in all-boy schools since I was nine. They were strict about dating, my ascetic lifestyle and the health risks about intimacy. With those fears drilled into me, I barely dated, and those I did have were always chaste. Emotionally, I knew I was still thirteen. When a girl tried to kiss me, since I wasn't trying, I made fearful excuses and avoided the inevitably painful death from "sex." It was an especially hot and humid NY day when I got my first closeup view of a live pussy. We might hav… Read more

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Dad has sex with daughter with mom's permissi

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* It was early spring. My wife Ada, daughter Lisa and I were sitting in the den resting from working in the yard. We had trimmed some trees and shrubs. Lisa had stacked the road for compost pickup. Lisa was twenty. She had never had a steady boyfriend. She would date someone a few times then find a reason not to go out with them again. Lisa was five four. She had light brown hair that came to her shoulders. Lisa had a nice figure with 34B breasts. Her legs and shoulders were tanned as I knew from seeing her in shorts and tank tops. "Lisa don't you have a date with Jim?" asked Ada."… Read more

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Mummy's Good, Good Boy

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* Back at home. After a semester away at university, I was back at home. Poor grades, an empty social life, and feeling homesick led me back home, to my mother's house. Frankly, I was feeling good about this return. I enrolled in community college, and was working a part time job in retail. Mother was in good shape financially: she worked as an office administrator at a law firm, and had made out well in her divorce from my father. My mother is a beautiful woman. She is tall, 5'9", curvy, with large C-D cup breasts, a flat tummy and a beautiful round ass attached to long, lean legs. She is ra… Read more

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Almost Did My Mom Way Back When

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I never actually "did" my mom, but got about as close as you could and still not actually fuck her. My mom had a pretty hot body. Average face with that dumb short hair the way she wore it, but nice size tits and still firm for her age, and firm body. She was only 5'5" tall and only weighed like 110 pounds. And she was always kind of a prude. Dressed real conservative and wore those damn full size old lady panties. But remember this was back in the late 70's so thongs and stuff still didn't really exist yet then. Any way, she would have been in her mid 40's when this happened because I was 21… Read more

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wifey and her sister Peggy


so its that time of year when i get to go crawl around the attic looking for summer clothes in a plastic tote. Normally a sucky day, unless your big titty wife and sister in law are trying on bathing suits. As i climb down the ladder I see wifey and Peggy standing there naked, shaved pussies and bouncy titties everywhere. I carry the totes over as they start going through them. I lay on the bad as they ask "what are you doing?".... and i reply "watching". Wifey found a black bikini and squeezed her giant juggs into the top. She found the bottoms and slid them up over her sweet ass. Peggy slapp… Read more

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Dream or Not

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Dream or Not ---------- Many times I had watched my father and his girlfriends make out on the couch in the living room below me late at night, not really understanding what exactly was going on, but knowing that they were enjoying themselves. I was too young to understand and naive to comprehend their activities. I had seen the girls climb atop my father, grunting, groaning and gyrating back and forth on his stomach. I saw their breasts bouncing up and down, his hands reaching up and grabbing them, manipulating their nipples in his fingertips and suckling them as he thrust upward. He had c… Read more

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My crossdresser son

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Here I bring something that I found on the web and that warmed me a lot: The name is Francis, french 41yo , I work as a bank risk manager in France, I'm sorry for my english level which can be insufficient in it's vocabulary. I'm here because my tale is not funny, not happy, very weird and hot. I'm feeling more guilty than ever today for finding my situation sexy. Let me explain it all. My story is pretty complicated so I'll try to sort it up : MY YOUTH - Nothing interesting to explain here, I met a girl, Sarah, I gave my heart to at the age of 18, I was an alpha male chasing prey after pr… Read more

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Family life my way Ch. 3


David was at the workshop nice and early. “Morning Mr.Hobbs,” he said seeing his new boss loading some tools into a tool bag. “Morning David, and before we start you can finish with the Mr.Hobbs bit, l feel old enough already having a young whippersnapper like you as a partner. From now on it’s Dan okay.” “Ok Dan,” David answered, liking the idea of a relaxed relationship between them, “what do you want me to do?” Dan explained that he was just getting some tools together then they would be driving out to the house where the job was going to be. Ten minutes later they were in the van, head… Read more

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Sina Teil 1. Entdeckung der Schlampe


Diese Geschichte entstand aus einem Rp mit Liliandra. In der Story Geht es Perverser und Versaut zu Sache und ist nichts für jeden geeignet. Da es ein Laufendes Rp ist kommen noch Fortsetzungen. Marcel Entspannt lenke ich den S4 den meinen Eltern mir zum 20. Geburtstag geschenkt haben durch die Sonnen beschienen Straße des Vorort´s. Es ist gerade 12 Uhr als ich den Wagen in eine der vier Garagen Parke . Das ich heute so früh daheim bin liegt daran das bei mir 2 Vorlesungen ausgefallen. Die ersten zwei gehören unseren Eltern die dritte ist meine und die vierte gehört dir. Das die ersten zwei… Read more

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Liliandra Teil 1. Entdeckung der Schlampe


Diese Geschichte entstand aus einem Rp mit Liliandra. In der Story Geht es Perverser und Versaut zu Sache und ist nichts für jeden geeignet. Da es ein Laufendes Rp ist kommen noch Fortsetzungen. Marcel Entspannt lenke ich den S4 den meinen Eltern mir zum 20. Geburtstag geschenkt haben durch die Sonnen beschienen Straße des Vorort´s. Es ist gerade 12 Uhr als ich den Wagen in eine der vier Garagen Parke . Das ich heute so früh daheim bin liegt daran das bei mir 2 Vorlesungen ausgefallen. Die ersten zwei gehören unseren Eltern die dritte ist meine und die vierte gehört dir. Das die ersten zwei… Read more

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Sex auf dem Hexenturm


Gestern bin ich zu einem Kurzbesuch in der kleinen Stadt Idstein gewesen. Bei sonnigem Wetter genossen meine Freundin und ich die malerische Altstadt und bummelten gemütlich durch die Straßen. Auf Grund des heißen Wetters hatte meine Freundin einen luftigen Sommerrock an mit einer weißen Strumpfhose darunter. Ich hatte eine kurze Hose, T-Shirt und ein kurzärmliges Jeanshemd an. Nachdem wir eine Weile die Stadt besichtigt hatten, liefen wir durch das alte Kanzleitor in Richtung Hexenturm und Gymnasium. Das Gymnasium ist früher einmal das alte Rezidenzschloss gewesen und sieht entsprechend beein… Read more

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Almost fucked my mom, but came too soon...

First TimeMatureTaboo

First off, my mom was/is a real slut. My parents divorced when I was young because he found out she had been cheating on him. In fact both of my sisters, which she had while they were married, are from two different men (which my dad didn't find out about until later). I remember going around with her and other boyfriends as a young k** after they divorced and perhaps even before, I'm not sure. In addition, she did/does drink a lot. Not sure I'd say alcoholic, she is a professional and was always very responsible professionally actually. So anyway, she re-married when I was around 8 and rema… Read more

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My first experience

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

Hello all. I also posted this in the general forum and will keep updating this thread there. So excited that I want everybody to follow this journey with us. It is going to be a lot of fun. Tks I have hoped and waited many years to be able tell a story like this, but only if it were true would it be written. And I am excited to say the day. I have been into our fetish for as long as I can remember and much like most of you, I felt like it was kinda taboo and was fearful of what others may think of me if they knew. Then in 1997 I was introduced to the net and found this site. I was so very e… Read more

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Une escale pas banale

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Juliette et Gabriel venaient d'arriver à l'aéroport de Casablanca. Une très longue correspondance dont ils auraient bien pu se passer. Mais malheureusement, pas d'autres options. Les vols directs pour leur destination étaient complets…. Comble du désagrément, leur billets leur avait coûté plus cher! Mince consolation, lors de leur enregistrement à l'aéroport de départ, leur compagnie aérienne leur avait offert un accès VIP à leur salon. Un petit prélèvement de salive pour leur offrir un service plus personnalisé et ils n'avait qu'à présenter leur pass. Au moins cela leur donnerait accès à des… Read more

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What An Ass


Fbailey story number 666 What An Ass I honestly could not help myself. I was standing there in the grocery store in line at the checkout and then I looked down. The young girl standing in line in front of me was wearing a skintight pair of pink Spandex pants with an equally tight pink jogging bra made out of the same material. All I could do was whisper under my breath, “What an adorable ass.” The girl turned around, smiled at me and said, “Fifty bucks.” She went through the checkout with her bottle of flavored water with vitamins added. When I got through the check out and opened… Read more

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