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20 Years of Infidelity Part 3

First TimeMatureHardcore

Even a weird norm can become normal. Jason and I came to look forward to our two to three hours of after school fucking. I was both sad and glad to have that huge cock for only two hours a day. Glad because after our initial sex marathon my pussy lips were left sore and swollen. No way I could have taken another eight to nine hours of hard sex again right after that. Sad because I really, really wanted to try! Ah well, I knew I'd have other opportunities and, boy, was I right! For the next month my entire schedule revolved around those hours after school before my husband came home. If Jason… Read more

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En el transporte publico sin luces


Esto que les voy a relatar me ocurrio hace algunos años me dirigia a casa despues del trabajo como siempre el metro super lleno para mi suerte una chica como de 30 o 35 años con buenas nalgas y mucho busto, lo malo viajaba acompañana, aproveche que el metro estaba lento y me fui acercando a la pareja, la chica con un mayon muy apretadito, me acerque por un costado de la dama, y al momento de sentir su calor mi verga cobro vida propia, se puso firmes para lo que fuera, la mujer al sentirme me dio la espalda por completo y la muy cachonda comenzo a besar a su acompañante, comence a sentir unos l… Read more

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Janet and I - The threesome

AnalMatureGroup Sex

Janet and I – The Threesome. Janet and I spent about 6 months having sex. Very good sex (although at the age of 18 pretty much any sex is good sex). We’d progressed through oral and regular sex adding anal as well. I found out a few years later that there was something called the Holy Trinity. Oral, regular and anal sex, all in one session. One day though when I went round to her house she met me with a serious look on her face. “We need to talk,” she said. My first reaction was have we been found out or have I got her pregnant? “OK, what’s up?” “We’re going to have to stop seeing each other… Read more

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Orientaals genot deel 1


Deel 1 Ik kwam Aytül voor het eerst tegen tijdens een klassiek concert tijdens een festival in Groningen. Ze zag er fantastisch uit. En ik had al snel het gevoel dat ze mij ook in de gaten had. Na een tijdje kwamen we met elkaar in gesprek en kwamen er achter dat we elkaar muzikaal wel wat te bieden konden hebben. Zij speelt piano en ik ben gitarist. Ze nodigde me uit om bij haar langs te komen het volgende weekend. Ze woont wat landelijk in een vrijstaand huisje en het interieur doet wat oriëntaals aan. Ze zegt dat ze van oorsprong uit Istanboel komt en dat ze op jonge leeftijd naar Nede… Read more

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Annie cums for dinner again

MatureBDSMGroup Sex

I invited my PA Annie around to my house for dinner plus a little fun hopefully afterwards. I had made an effort and choose a slinky red dress, very sheer and tight fitting. Nothing underneath as it would spoil the smooth outline Annie arrived wearing a beautiful too short white dress, almost translucent. Plunging neckline to below her breasts revealing plenty of her beautiful tits. As requested she was completely naked underneath I got Annie a drink and we chatted for a short while then made our way across the the pub restaurant At the restaurant we were again shown to my favourite tabl… Read more

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Dream come true due to online dating

MatureHardcoreInterracial Sex

This is a incident happened 15 days ago. Ladies are welcome to contact me via mails at [email protected] I had a crush on one of a lady in our neighborhood locality who was a bomb type lady and a hot one. Her name was Rashida, I didn’t know much about her and I wanted to fuck her from many weeks but couldn’t do it as I had no reason to talk to her. But I had been browsing a dating site for a couple of days when I got a message from her asking if I was free in the day. First thing I did was check out her profile. 35, Married, 5ft 4inch tall blue eyes and bored housewife. I was interested… Read more

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A plumbing problem.

First TimeAnalMature

The portable buzzed in Christopher’s pocket. It was a message from Ike. Christopher frowned upon reading: “Please come over asap, I got a plumbing problem”. When he sent a message back asking to explain what he meant by that, Ike texted: “My boyfriend’s balls need to be drained tonight”. The blue alien chuckled, that was Ike all over. His ears fluffed, they always did when he was horny. “We definitely need to meet after work; this horniness is killing me” he thought. The whole of the day Christopher had looked on his watch, counting the minutes he’d be going to see Ike. Christopher was his o… Read more

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Annie cums to dinner

BDSMMatureFirst Time

The following weekend I invited my PA Annie and Sam my ex-boyfriend around to my house for dinner plus a little fun hopefully afterwards. Annie is 25, blonde and gorgeous. Sam is just Sam but my Dom. Annie had expressed a desire to be submissive, this was her opportunity to experience it I had made an effort and choose a slinky black dress, very sheer and tight fitting. Nothing underneath as it would spoil the smooth outline Sam arrived first and we had a drink and chatted until Annie arrived shortly afterwards Annie too appeared to have forgotten her underwear too I was pleased to note.… Read more

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MMF threesome

Group SexMature

I arrange to meet a guy i know for dinner. I was having a pre-dinner drink with him then my ex walked in and sat down at our table. I thought he would be annoyed I think most men fantasise about two men/one woman But he had it planned they hatched a plot between them My ex is older than me other guy a bit younger than me, 35 Well we had dinner and then back to my place My ex knew I enjoyed a threesome Back to my place, another drink and chat then to my bedroom. They just wanted me naked apart from my leather harness. They had control of me,you know I'm submissive? My ex was my Dom M… Read more

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Our wedding anniversary with BEST MAN Brett

Group SexMatureTaboo

Our anniversary with the BEST MAN Brett I was excited when Agness and I both were invited to Brett's for our anniversary. I wasn't sure if I was to be invited tonight. I know that Brett likes being alone with my wife Agness. Maybe my watching the Best Man take my wife and her making me clean and suck him on my wedding anniversary was why I got the invite. For whatever reason, I was grateful. There is nothing better than a night with Brett doing whatever he wishes with my wife and I. We had discussed before about getting masquerade mask for Agness to wear while I video Brett making lo… Read more

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Uncles and Strangers, the best Sex ever.


As c***dren of parents who were brought up in the light of entertainment play acting and role-plays were always in the forefront of our free times as was nudity and witnessing sex. d**gs were always in the background as was hard liqueur and men with an eye for a fresh faced girl like myself were always lurking and exposing themselves and you learned which men you could chastise and those you dare not, mother was very clear on that point and I would see her sneak into a bedroom or behind a door with some man for a few minutes, then she would be happy, as was daddy, because she landed a small… Read more

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El repartidor


El repartidor Aquel verano me lo iba a pasar solo, sin trabajo y sin pareja, con el paro casi agotado, me salió la oportunidad de trabajar como repartidor de una pequeña cadena de supermercados. Un contrato de dos meses y repartir por la ciudad desde las 3 de la tarde hasta terminar, el sueldo no era gran cosa pero una posibilidad. Nuestra tarea era recoger los pedidos, meterlos en la furgo y luego repartir, éramos dos el conductor y yo. Si había un cliente sólo , salía yo y el esperaba en la furgoneta, si había dos pues nos repartíamos los pedidos. Al tercer día me llamo la atención que algun… Read more

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Boss gets his way with wife

First TimeMature

My husband I have been married for three years and we recently decided to have a baby. While I was getting off of the pill and starting my pre-natal vitamin regime my husband was trying to earn some additional money to help with all of the new expenses by working a second job. Ironically, just after we decided we wanted to start a f****y we stopped having sex. Jim was just too tired when he got home. We were planning a special get away weekend and we planned to consummate our decision then. Things got a little complicated just before our little get away. Unfortunately, my husband didn't rea… Read more

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New Years day 2018


It is well after 12 midnight as we all disperse back into our separate but together lives. Rachael and Scott back to their home and Brad and I head towards our bedroom, our air conditioned bedroom. The spa continues to froth and bubble, Scott and mines DNA mixing in the water and leaving behind evidence of a night well spent (well actually about 45 mins all up)............ As I am sobering up with the thought of breaking up a marriage, Brad is quite inebriated and staggering towards our room, singing to himself and happy. He looks back at me and leers at me, smiling as he bangs into a picture… Read more

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Kristi's Dilemma, Part Six - Kristi Begins To

First TimeHardcoreMature

The next day at work, Kristi told Amy what had happened. Amy was not surprised. “So, what did you think? Did you like it?” Kristi looked away. “Yes and no. I mean, I really like Mike. He seems so...caring. Like he understood my situation completely. Like he really cares about me as a person. And the way he felt inside me…” Her voice trailed off. Then she looked back at Amy. “But Amy, I feel so guilty! I cheated on Jim! And I enjoyed it!” She began to cry. Amy quickly took her in her arms and hugged her, stroking her hair and holding her close. “It’s OK, Kristi, really it is. Trust me, you’… Read more

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Anita´s niece meets a BBC

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

During their talking when having sex, Jerome learnt that Anita’s niece, Clara, would be staying with us some days while on college summer break. Jerome then said my wife that he had a nephew that would be in town this week as well and wanted to try and get them to spend some time together. Then my sweet wife knew exactly what that meant, but she said nothing… On Friday afternoon Jerome and his nephew Shaquille came over to visit. The black guy was a good looking young man with excellent manners, so he and Clara seemed to get along very well. The young guy asked Ana permission to take her… Read more

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Charlie at home

AnalMatureGroup Sex

Tuesday afternoon when I came home from work I saw Charlie's truck in my driveway. He was one of Anita`s old friends and I knew he had fucked my sexy wife in the past… So I figured that I would find them having sex but I was wrong. After grabbing a beer from the kitchen I looked in the bedroom but it was empty. I looked out at the pool in the back yard and there I could see their heads over the backs of our lounge chairs. I eased on down to join them. Charlie had on a swimsuit and my sweet wife was fully naked; her tight body nicely tanned. I wondered if they were there resting after a go… Read more

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Sitting at the bar...

Interracial SexMatureVoyeur

About 6 months ago I was crusing CL casuals as I do while sitting in the library/restroom. I saw an ad and photo of a lady about my age and she was certainly worth a second glance. Most of the ads are purposeful robots but there was a number so I went to my secondary number and sent a brief message. A couple hours later I got a response. After a couple of message I decided that I did need that blow job she had offered for just a few roses. After work I stopped at the gym and took a quick shower to clean the tool up, got back in the car and went to her place. She was everything she promised and… Read more

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The little special pill 8

MatureSex HumorHardcore

My cousin Megan is a really hot twenty four year old young woman, with a tall slim body and long brown hair, she is probably the best looking female in our extended family, and even did some modelling work as teenager, you know catalogue dresses and stuff like that. Then she met her husband, a nice standard guy called Eddie, who worked in an accountants and together they made a great looking couple, who really loved each other and with in two years they were getting married and looking forward to a great future. Then about year ago Eddie's company got raided by the police, it turns out not all… Read more

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Mijn lagere school


Toen ik in het laatste jaar van de lagere school moest ik na blijven van mijnheer Vermeulen en mocht pas een uur later naar huis nadat ik mijn strafwerk had gemaakt. Wij waren de enige die samen met juffrouw Zwartjes die op woensdagmiddag nog in school waren, toen ik mocht gaan werd de voordeur achter mij op slot gedaan. Ik bleef nog even rond het gebouw slenteren en liep via de dichtbeboste schooltuin naar voren en kon van hieruit naar de lerarenkamer kijken en zag dat juffrouw Zwartjes en mijnheer Vermeulen daar rond liepen. Tot mijn verbazing zag ik dat ze elkaar hevig zoenend omhelsden, i… Read more

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