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First time - Prom Weekend

First TimeGay MaleMature

This is my first story always wanted to share this and never have it's 100% true feel free to comment and give me advice for future post. I was 18 and it was prom weekend/ memorial day weekend and I had just split up with my GF who was a freshman in college I was a senior in HS. I am a fit soccer player 5ft7 white guy avg build. Since I was no longer going to prom with anyone I decided to still go to Prom Weekend since I had the hotel paid for in Wildwoof. Instead of me and my ex going I brought a friend in her place. It was the first night i was extremely horny from not getting any since… Read more

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Growing Up Perverted


It actually started when I was nine years old.  My sister and I were playing with neighborhood k**s one day.  We were up in a tree house and bored.  My sister said she wanted to see my wiener.  The other two girls were about ten and twelve.  They wanted to see it too.  So I pulled my pants down and showed them.  When they all touched it it got really hard.  They were fascinated by it.  I asked to see their pussies.  They all pulled their pants and panties down and let me touch them.  None of us knew what we were really doing.  Just k*… Read more

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Funnel Fun


He rammed her pussy hard.  Watching it slide in and out was incredible.  She was more turned on than I had ever seen her.  It must have been the taboo nature of having such raw sex with more than one man at the same time that got her so excited.  It definitely excited me.  The plan was to have several men fuck her and cum inside her hairy pussy in succession.  The cum was to be collected each time and saved for the funnel later.  It turned into a marathon of graphic nudity and passionate hard core fucking.  He fucked her for a long time while the re… Read more

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My Amazing Mother!

First TimeMatureTaboo

One day I was walking by my mother's bedroom and I got close to the room I could see the door cracked opened a little bit and there was the first time I saw my mom naked. She was standing in front of the closet with her back facing me. I was frozen in my tracks and just staring at her. She was looking at her cloths and was giving me a show that would change my life. Mom was pretty hot 5'6 Tan skin about 130lbs and D cup. I was always in to sex I always keep to myself about sex I would play with myself in the bathroom and would look at dirty books. I started to get hard and realize for th… Read more

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Uber Driving Slut gives Super Fan a Blowjob


Hi Y’all, A quick story of some fun I had today with a rider. I was sitting at the Subway finishing my 6″ turkey on wheat, across from the SeaTac Car Rental Facility, when I got a notification of a rider wanting a ride. I quickly accepted the ride and was about a minute into heading over to SeaTac when I received a text from the rider. It said,”Oh my fucking god, is this Jen Dvorak, the Uber driving slut??!!!!!! I can not wait for this ride!!!!”. My heart started racing because honestly my name isn’t Jen Dvorak, it’s a pen name, but the rider had already guessed from my profile picture who… Read more

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Taking what i want 2

HardcoreMatureInterracial Sex

My son was waiting for his girl friend to be dropped off by her mom after dance rehearsals , unfortunately a car accident meant they were stuck in traffic and her cellphone was flat. My son being very impatient left after 15 minutes to meet his friends. About 2 hours later his girlfriend knocked on the door , Cherie is 5 ft 10 inches tall chocolate brown hair , flat white coffee skin tone, big curves on her chest and hips, athletic body from all the dancing , and only 17. Sweet 17 i don't think so. Standing in the foyer in a sweaty t shirt , hot pants , and trainers. Her mom had driven off so… Read more

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it runs in the family?

First TimeInterracial SexMature

i was away with my dad the other week and we were playing golf with the lads and we were well into the holiday and when my dad was relaxed and away from work and family he let himself go, we had downed a few pints and the rest of the lads had gone to bed so it left my dad and i, we sat there finishing our pints when he said out the blue, son, your mother is away right now and she is getting laid!! i said what the fuck? he said sorry to say this but i had to get it off my chest, she loves black men and we have shared for years and its ok if you feel wronged but its our life and i wanted to tell… Read more

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My Mom loves sex


When school let out for the summer Mom asked me if I was a virgin. At fifteen and a computer geek, sure I was a virgin. She asked me how many times I jerked off in a day and I told her about six to ten times. The next day Mom told me that I was a chronic masturbater and that she was going to take care of my problem. As much as I wanted sex I certainly did not want to fuck my own mother. Not that she was ugly by any means. In fact my mother was gorgeous and had used her good looks to climb the corporate ladder to a very well paying management position. That evening Mom took me to some d… Read more

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Beach sex


Hi there, just wanted to tell you about our visit to Portugal last year. Well back from Portugal and yes plenty of shagging with my partner. We think that we were being checked out by another couple whilst there. We had been on the nudist beach about 20 mins drive away from our villa, a beach that we have visited for the past 5 years. Its a small beach and on a normal day there is about 10 couples there. We had been on the beach all day of day 4. A few couples were packing their things away as it was around 4:30pm. We had laid in our normal spot, close to the rocks, so their was nobody to… Read more

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Mary opened the door She was 50+ but had a fabulous figure petite with very tight bum cheeks and big pert tits She was wearing a very tight short black mini skirt and a green transparent top She was wearing black fishnet stockings "Oh Don you are so welcome I am so horny darling " Mary declared as she kissed me hard on the lips We then started French kissing as I slipped my hand up her stockings until I reached her silky knickers I felt her cunt lips through the silky panty's and was delighted to find her cunt sopping wet from her easy flowing cunt juice Then I became aware… Read more

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In His Wife’s Clothes (PART 1)


PART 1 We knew each other before, but a few months ago over a few beers, my secret slipped about me being a cross dresser. John was completely curious and ask me a multitude of questions as we continued to drink. He clearly found the idea intriguing. A month later I received a text that simply read “I wanna see. Wife’s out of town.” That weekend we met again over drinks and he shared with me that his wife was out of town and if Inwanted to “have the run of her closet.” No doubt. So we finished our drinks and I followed him home. We pulled in front of his house and I grabbed my bag out of… Read more

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Not a wasted day


I would like to start out by asking the folks at x-hamster to add an undo function to the tool bar. I had this entered one time, but while correcting a spelling error, I deleted half of it, and could not recover it so now I am having to do it over again. It was another quiet Sunday, only 4 weeks to official opening so I guess I better enjoy it. Not much to do so my wife and I slept in, the others that rotate rooming in the house are all gone and no one expected back until evening. As we got up and around, I was about half in the mood for sex, my wife has deliberately played cat and mouse… Read more

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Out of Afrika - Chapter 9

Interracial SexMatureMasturbation

Out of Afrika A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B ****** Chapter 9 (written by Wunderboi) Clarissa slipped behind the wheel of her pearl white Mercedes. She had insisted on the most expensive paint option and the car glowed in the early morning sunshine. She smiled to herself, remembering her father's advice many years prior, which was to marry a much older very rich white man of the controlling class of Americans so that she would have a full life of ease and importance. She had pleased her father when she married such a man when she was just 22. Maxwell, her husband, had indeed provided h… Read more

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Lost Virginity

MatureTabooFirst Time

When Dad left it was just Mom and me.  I was only f******n.  She was a woman in her prime at forty two.  I was very surprised by Dad leaving.  We had just built a nice big beautiful house across the road from the country club and I thought life was grand for us all.  As it turned out Dad was fucking his secretary and when it was found out he bolted.  Mom was devastated.  I could hear her crying at night and she went through months of hurt and pain.  Her friends all rallied around her trying to keep her busy.  They would pick her up and go drinking a… Read more

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Clair’s Term reward

TabooMatureLesbian Sex

My name is clair. The true story of what I experienced ... I was nervous getting ready for my last day of philosophy class. I had been pre occupied lately and my grades had slipped. Entering from the rain to ms Johnson,s office, I wondered what would occur. Seeing me, she smiled and said hi. Closing and locking the door behind her she hugged me tight, asking me how things were.. ‘ it,s hard I know. ,’ knowing I had been threw a violent relationship. ‘ I’m here if u need to talk. ‘ I’m always here for u, whatever u need clair. To talk or just a friendly touch,’ as she smiled and patted m… Read more

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My son wanted his mother -4-

First TimeMatureTaboo

The next morning I was up before Debbie and sat on the pot looking at the pictures I took last night. It was really hard for me to go with my hard dick slammed against the bottom of the toilet seat. I printed most of the shots I took and had them with me when I got back to the bedroom. Debbie looked so peaceful sleeping. But that didn't last long. She opened her eyes and they were pretty blood shot. Holding her head she said, what the hell did we do last night. I told her it wasn't what we did, it was what she did. I told her I had to leave soon after we got home. Oh, I thought for sure we pla… Read more

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Hot Mallu Neighbour

MatureTabooFirst Time

It was a winter morning when I opened the door of my flat, after hearing some noises. I checked and noticed some activity at my next door flat. A new tenant, hot mallu had taken up the place and was shifting household stuff. Before I continue, let me introduce myself. I’m Amit once again sharing my latest adventure. I’m 38, 5’10”, well built, adventurous and extremely passionate. For me sex forms a very important part of life and though married for long, my sexual appetite is as high as ever. Now on to the story… The guy greeted me and I replied with a hello, welcoming him. At the door, I co… Read more

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Threesome With Matured Muslim Aunties

Group SexMature

Hi, this is Deepak again from Bangalore with a new experience. Today, I would like to share a new experience of my mine in the world of Sex and Romance. So at the beginning of the sex story, I would like to say that it is a real-life incident and as I love sharing my sex story over here and hope you readers like it. I was staying in Bangalore and had got a chance to visit Mysore, for a tour for a week as there was no work and I was getting bored in the monsoon season. I packed up my bag for a trip. I left from Bangalore a few weeks ago. I got a seat on the bus and to my luck, I got a female p… Read more

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The start of it all.


I,ll begin by saying, I have had a satisfying sex life in one way or another. Number of partners, who they were, their ages, their lifestyles, have all been different. I,ve been married twice, had a long term partner, had a number of long term lovers but none while I was married. I was always faithful to my marriage partners, that being said my first wife was not. I was probably a late starter, I was almost 16 when I had my first encounter and that seemed to set the tone for the rest of my life. My first sexual experience was most memorable because she was my mates oldest sister Lorraine, she… Read more

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The Boy Next Door 3 continued


Lucy moaning and whimpering then shouting "Fuck...... Fuck .... FUCK ME .... HARDER.... I'M COMING..... ' Being bit of a slut Lucy likes anal sex her asshole is relaxed and dilated , the boy next door pushes the head against her asshole she pushes back wiggling her sweaty butt until it is all in then she tells him to stay still as she puts her hands on the table and pushes her body up and thrusts her butt back and forward on that pole as i continued licking her pussy lips and clit. He shoots his load lucy feels his warm sperm swim up her bowels. She disconnects with a plop sound kisses him put… Read more

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