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Cheating wife

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cheating wife and now I have proof..here goes, me and my wife have been together for about 18 yrs we were high school sweethearts and still get along good I'm 35 shes 33.shes drop dead sexy bbw who I absolutely adore. If it was up to me id still fuck her every day but she seems not so into me anymore..and recently shes been distant shes always busy on here phone doing who knows what and we hardly ever fuck any more,so one Friday night I bring home dinner and hoped to send the night together,when I walk in and shes just getting out of the shower I say hey babe I got dinner,maybe we could ren… Read more

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Zenaida C. Brownsmith 1,

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You "So I heard that you and youre baby momma Jennifer broke up, Im sorry to hear that is you son doing O.K., if you don't mind me asking?" I "It's O.K., I have other c***dren - thanks for asking." I head to Community Solutions for the day, then later arrive back at Evans Ln. At 4:20pm, right b4 checkin' in time for dinner. I usually see you coming to to and from Evans Ln. With your lady friend, so very curious I ask "Hey, Zenaida, do you have a girlfriend or a wife." You say "Well yes John Im married to my sweet wife of 7years Carol." I "Oh, shes pretty, how old is she?" You "Shes 38, 10 year… Read more

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No Restrictions! When my wife and I play golf together we always have a little side wager typically of a sexual nature. Some good examples would be, if I win she would have to blow me on the ride home and if she were to win I would have to clean the house wearing her panties and then do anything for her that she wants like give her a foot massage and paint her toenails. One stipulation I have wanted to add to our bets is a “No Restriction” clause. My reason is that I would use this to fuck her beautiful plump soft ass, something I have wanted to do for the last 28 years! Unfortunately she… Read more

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No Restrictions! When my wife and I play golf together we always have a little side wager typically of a sexual nature. Some good examples would be, if I win she would have to blow me on the ride home and if she were to win I would have to clean the house wearing her panties and then do anything for her that she wants like give her a foot massage and paint her toenails. One stipulation I have wanted to add to our bets is a “No Restriction” clause. My reason is that I would use this to fuck her beautiful plump soft ass, something I have wanted to do for the last 28 years! Unfortunately she… Read more

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Wife Val Ace of Spades pt. 3

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So now with Val exposing to me about her first two Ace of Spades tattoos, and the implications of a white wife marked for life, and as a simply white wife who will only be fucked , and used by black dudes, Val went off to get the other two Ace of Spades tattoos I requested her to have marking her white body some more. As Val arrived at the tattoo parlor again, she walked in, and there were the two guys that makes Val with her first set of tattoos. They asked Val if she liked her Ace of Spades tattoos, and inquired if she was back for more tattoos. Val immediately replied to them, Hell yes I wa… Read more

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Amy 6

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When we pulled in to park at the apartment Amy was taking off her seatbelt before the car was parked. Soon as it stopped moving Amy opened her door and got out before I could say anything. I hurried up to catch up with her and she was walking like she was drunk and knew the drinks did the trick. I walked next to her and told her there was nothing I could do and asked her if she was mad at me. Amy stammered out that she knew I couldn't stop it and she just kept walking. I asked her if she got hurt inside and she stammered out a no and started crying harder as she walked. I didn't say anything e… Read more

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Amy 5

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I ended up calling the number a couple days later. I was really surprised that he didn't sound black at all. We ended up talking a couple times that week and I said that it had to be like she had to do it and had no other choice. I explained that no v******e at all and just a gentle force or Amy would never get fucked in front of me. I agreed to the filming since I wanted to be able to watch it later after it was over. We had to wait to make sure it was the right time of the month for Amy's period so nothing would mess it up. We discussed how he didn't have to use a rubber and I really wanted… Read more

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More Than A Cuckold

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I became a cuckold a few months ago, and it was really not that dramatic. I guess it came naturally to me. I’m married to a beautiful woman, 5’4”, slim waist, big round butt and nice D cup breasts, white pale skin and blonde. After a few years of marriage, Dee told me, one night, that she was having an affair. When she told me, she was stroking my cock and it was one of these “take it,or leave it” situations. I remember stuttering asking her to tell me about it, as my dick became rock hard. She told me then that she was having sex with a gym teacher, 10 years younger, and when she told me that… Read more

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Cuckold husband - semi-fiction

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I am finishing my chores when Thorn rises from the sofa: "Is the bathroom done yet?” “Yes, just finished.” “Good. I’m going to shower while you finish the kitchen and then you are to take me out dancing." That might sound good, but she knows I can’t dance and don’t even like it. Still, nothing to be done about that. I get on with my work as she gets ready. I see her flit from the bathroom to the bedroom and back again a couple of times. Obviously unable to decide what to wear, she passes in varied stages of undress and I enjoy her monumental body. At almost 200 pounds (14 st) and aged 45,… Read more

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Slut: Suzi Posing Slut Part 7

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Part 7 I walked slowly toward the shower, holding the huge meaty cocks of my two black porno studs as each guy took a hold of a naked pierced breast each. Still parading around in my Garter belt and fishnet stockings, with my high heeled shoes making clicking sounds, resonating around the studio. Ali began to unclasp my stockings as Dec undid the clasp at the rear of the garter belt. Within seconds my stockings, shoes and garter were removed from my body leaving me vulnerably naked. While I wear my slut outfit I feel empowered and in control, being the slut I crave to be, but somehow being na… Read more

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(5) Der zweite Tag des Besuches.

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Am nächsten Morgen wurde ich wach weil ich etwas hörte ich bin erst erschrocken aber Angaran beruhigte mich gleich ihm ist nur eine Flasche runtergefallen. Ich war noch total verschlafen als Angaran mich küsste und anfing zu streicheln ich mag es sehr frühs so geweckt zu werden, er fing an mich zu fingern ich hab es genossen. Er legte sich auf mich und spielte mit seiner Eichel an meinen Lippen und er küsste mich dabei er wusste das mich das rasend macht. Endlich steckte er ihn rein aber was Soll das er bewegte sich total langsam!? Angaran bitte mach schneller sagte ich er sagte du erinnerst d… Read more

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Cuckold Husband By A Black Man Found Online

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I am a married woman in my prime age when life would be most fulfilling. But I have been leading a frustrated life for many years. I am married but do not have satisfying sex life because of husband inability to perform in bed. I craved for affection, romance, and most of all zesty lovemaking with lasting hours of sexual intercourse. My husband's sex drive never came close to matching my own. I missed all that and husband hardly satisfies my womanly wants and needs, material wise he provided satisfactory. To overcome sexual emotion frustration, I indulged in self stimulation. Deep down I am a… Read more

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Annabelle, vides couilles professionnel !

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Bonjour, je m'appelle Annabelle, j'ai 25 ans, je mesure 1m65 pour 48 kg, je suis très fine, j'ai des cheveux longs, de couleur rouge avec une mèche qui cache mon œil droit, j'ai les yeux de couleur gris clair, petite bouche avec lèvres pulpeuse, petit piercing a ma lèvre inférieure, j'ai des petits seins, et un petit cul bombé. Je travaille dans un sex-shop, et oui un boulot rêver pour une petite salope comme moi, j'y travaille en temps que vendeuse et conseillère sur les sextoy de la boutique, j'adore y travailler, ce que j'aime surtout, ce sont ses gros pervers qui viennent déguiser pour ne… Read more

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I love black cock! (I'm such a black cock slu

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Here you go-fresh from tonight: something that's been developing for the past month or so... I recently made friends with a wonderful interracial couple at a home gardening class. First we went out for lunch to talk about composting, and had a wonderful conversation. Sat is an African-American-India Indian mix, and Jenn in an amazing looking (and VERY buxom) white girl from Boston. Of course, the first thing that I noticed was Sat's long thick fingers (in the very beginning of the class, as they were standing across from me). They were very absorbed in the class and each other, so I was cool… Read more

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Wife Val Ace of Spades pt. 2

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Almost two months have gone by since I discovered my wife Val has become an Ace of Spades whore for several black men. I have known about Val being used as a black bitch whore, and never let on to her that I knew what was going on. One day, Val came home late from work, as usual, she looked, and smelled as she had cock breath with an odor of shit on, and in her mouth. She gave me a big French kiss as always, and sure enough I tasted sperm with a taste of shit in her mouth. I acted like I had no clue as to why the was late from work, and why her mouth had a taste, and an odor of a dirty sewer.… Read more

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Corina Chapter 13

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More secrets!!! ENJOY!!!! Monday I got home from work and Corina was lying on the couch with just a pullover shirt on and she was reading her notebook and her legs were wide open. Once I got next to her I could see how wet and swollen her pussy was and Corina lowered the notebook and smiled at me. I reached out to touch her pussy and Corina asked me if I wanted to check her pussy for the week already. Then she giggled and told me if I did then I couldn't touch her pussy again for the rest of the week unless she told me I could. I looked at her and she said it was my rule and my game s… Read more

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Prostitute Stories: Drunk Horny Mature

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I used to live in an area with with 3 small cities all within a 20 to 30 minute drive from each other. Each city had it’s own track, each track with it’s own personality. I’m in the northern most city driving around in the hood this place is always hit or miss but I’ve had some great experiences up here in the past and I’m hoping tonight is going to pay off also. I’ve been driving around in the same circle for about an hour before I finally see something promising. I pass a side street just off the track I thought I saw a woman (then again I’m always thinking I see a woman) I’m going to circle… Read more

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Corina Chapter 12

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I'm having so much fun and so is my hot little wife!!! The story continues!!!! Corina sat on my lap for a while just sighing and kissing me while she cuddled on me. Finally she got up and asked me if I was hungry and I told her I ate a snack a little while ago and asked her if Cindy and she had something to eat and she said they did. Corina got up and I went and put my shorts on and asked her if she wanted to do anything right now. She said if I wanted to watch football she will finish writing about Morgan and she smiled. I said it was fine with me and sat down on the couch and watche… Read more

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Corina Chapter 9

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My little wife's pussy is fantastic!!!! ENJOY!!!! I kissed her lightly on the lips and went and got a beer. I went back over and sat across from her and told her I wasn't mad at all. I said I wasn't surprised she couldn't do it and Corina smiled at me. I got up and walked around the table and Corina stood up and I kissed her long and with a lot of passion. After that I told her I wouldn't ever bother her about it again and told her I would take her out to dinner tonight. Corina asked me if I wanted to know how her day went and I told her we could talk about it at dinner. She kissed my… Read more

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Corina Chapter 8

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Morgan has fun with my little wife's tight pussy!!!! ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I DID!!!! I set the letter on the kitchen table with the bag with the panties and bra. Corina was in the bathroom and I waited for her to kiss me goodbye. Corina came out and I was at the front door and I kissed her goodbye and told her I love her. Just before I left I told her I had some things on the table and to read the letter. Corina smiled and asked me what was up and I told her she had to promise me. She asked what she was promising and I told her if she trusted me she would promise and I trusted her to ke… Read more

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