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...secluded nudity for the nervous. Back in the heady days of my late teens I started to date girls. My first date was a girl I knew from church. She was always neatly dressed and owned a fairly flat-chest a 34A IIRC. She was due to 'go up' to college so the warm summer days that year encouraged us to spend time naked outside. Not long enough to get tanned but enough time to be clothes free. My penis was always erect at these times so it became easy for her to reach down when we kissed and play with my erection. Never really embarrassed me to be erect so easily. To be honest she LOVED the c… Read more

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My amazing sister Melissa part 3

First TimeTaboo

HOW THINKS STARTED TO GET REAL BETWEEN ME AND MY SISTER MELISSA part 3 Wow me and Melissa have been masturbating,in front of each other for one year now and we both fucking love the fucking buzz of it, but today Melissa wanted more!!!, shaun i want to give your amazing monster cock a blowjob!!!. I want to taste your cum, down my throat baby, please shaun, god knows how much i wanna do it, have wanted to do this for a while now shaun. Before i said anything, her lips were kissing the lobe of my ear, my cock was already in Melissa hands and she moaned, I'll do it really good shaun can i??. I… Read more

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Lads Holiday

AnalMatureFirst Time

So having just got off the phone to my wife she informed me that he sister Shell along with her hubby were in my neck of the woods for a few days and may well catch up! Great I thought just what I need when I'm out on the pull. The lads and I were back after a great round of golf, showered and were enjoying a cool beer in one of Benidorm's sports bars, the lads being lads were busy chatting up anything that was around our table, I was into a pretty Welsh bird who seemed to be well up for it. She gave me her number and told me to call her later that night to catch up, so I was pretty please.… Read more

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Letting Her Full Femininity to Shine

ShemalesFirst TimeTaboo

"There is something just amazingly erotic when a CD allows her full femininity and sexuality to shine thru and incredibly satisfying for the man to know that you share something incredibly personal, highly erotic, but still taboo in many circles." The first time we were together, I was invited to her place where she was waiting for me fully dressed. But we started out with some casual conversation on the couch and had a few beers to relax. We both knew where things were likely to lead, but the anticipation in the beginning was a great part of the excitement. As we were talking, she c… Read more

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The shower

First Time

There was a gentle knock on the door, at the same instant that WhatsApp delivered the message ‘can I use your shower, mine is not working’. I opened the door and there she stood, with her normal sheepish grin, “fucking shower only runs cold, typical, okay if I use yours?” “ not a problem” I said, “help yourself, I’ll go wait in the bar, give you some privacy.” “Nah, that’s okay I’ll only be a few minutes, you’re cool” she said promptly turning and entering the bathroom of my hotel room. I went and sat on the towels I had laid out on the bed so as not to stain the bedding with my after sun crea… Read more

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Lactation To My Brother

HardcoreFirst TimeTaboo

So just 2 weeks back I bore the most beautiful twins, Sahil and Shanaya! A million thanks to God and my Hubby to bless me with this gift! I know you are all here for the sex story but you can understand I want to scream this happiness of mine to everyone I could reach. So now the incident. This happened just last week. As you all know, how relatives crowd at your place when a c***d is born. Here too this happened. A load of relatives visi… Read more

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A Tale of Two Sisters

TabooVoyeurFirst Time

Before Kim and I had been dating for almost two years, and if things kept going the way they were, we wouldn't see year three. Kim was working full time at a coffee shop and I was coasting on student loans. She was stressed about drama at work, but I was so busy worrying about whether or not English Literature was really my passion anymore that I didn't offer much in the way of consolation. Kim was neat, I was messy. Kim liked bad sitcoms and dramas, I liked depressing documentaries and foreign films. Our schedules didn't match up, which only made things worse. I was taking two summer class… Read more

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A Smart Set Of Cheaters

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Another Friday evening and though I was late getting home, my wife Victoria was even later. I didn't like her going out after work with her friends but what can a man do? Every couple does need a life apart from their spouse and Vicky was very good about not only letting me know when she was going out but she also told me where they were going and made sure she got home early. She was usually no later than 8 p.m. This afternoon I had been out on a job inspection and got a text message from Vicky. "Out 4 drink w grls home late luv u." Vicky is usually good about her going out. In fact it usual… Read more

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Lady Charlotte's Journal: Page Four

First TimeMature

(Please note the people mentioned in these stories are fictional and bare no relationship to people either alive or dead. These stories contain explicit sexual descriptions and are aimed at the over 18’s) Page Four: Monday July 6th 0800hrs Dear Journal: I was awoken by the steward bring me my breakfast, I seemed to be that satiated with the sex off last night that I just drank the coffee and ate some toast then dozed again. Di and Izzy came into my cabin and jumping onto the bed telling me to get my lazy ass up. I had to tell them I just felt exhausted and was goin… Read more

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Show For The Neighbor

VoyeurFirst TimeMature

Tonight I was all alone and looking for a thrill. I got out an old t-shirt, and cut out the neck so that it barely covered my nipples. I tried it on and bent over, pleased that when I did, my tits would “accidentally” fall out. I then cut a pair of old jeans short enough that the bottom of my ass showed below them, and when I bent over again, the seam went right into the crack of my ass and between my pussy lips. I couldn’t wait to go out in my new outfit, but first I had to shave that pussy nice and smooth. The feel of the shaving cream and the razor makes me so wet that every time I shave, I… Read more

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Bobbie to bitch Part 1

ShemalesFirst TimeGay Male

My wife S. already friends with the new neighbors,Tom and P,the neighbors wife, joined some health club together.After a few months I met her husband Tom.He was tall with a nice trim body. He was almost 40 but looked younger.I am about 5'6'' 130 lbs with a petite almost femme body.I am almost 33 yo and my wife is 35. Our marriage of 5 yrs was not good and our sex life was limited.My small cock was not up to the task.I ate her pussy and jerked off on her pussy. Eventually she said that I cant jerk off on her pussy.She let me see her pussy then I would jerk off and eat my sperm. It got better wh… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreTaboo

had never felt anything sexual towards Amelia before. Sure she was a babe by anyone’s standards, 5’9, blonde hair and a tight body. Amelia was one of those few girls that were skinny but at the same time, had an amazing ass and great tits. I’d say they were around 36c or bigger and seemed to defy gravity. Her legs were long and tanned to perfection, further adding to her appeal. She had done some modelling throughout her mid teens but her mum Veronica wanted her to focus on school and avoid some of the nastier sides of modelling. And no, before you ask it, I'm not gay. The reason I didn’t t… Read more

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From Bobbie to his bitch.Part 2

AnalFirst TimeShemales

I lost track of space and time. I even forgot that my wife..our wives were watching us.I only knew that Tom's big cock was way deep in my asshole and he was giving me a reach around.The pain becoming pleaureable.Our first anal intercourse.Each of us were virgins unti today.He boned me hard then slowed then hard again. My ass was opening up for his big cock. He put his hands on my hips. Very fast. My small cock flipping in circles to our natural rhythm. Our bodies joined as one by his magnificent cock.His… Read more

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My Mom and my cum

MatureTabooFirst Time

It's amazing the power that one question can have. When you think about asking it, all you see is two outcomes. Either your life will be amazing like a fairy tale, or it'll all be over. Either way it will never be the same again. Of course, that's not always the case, such as asking "What time is it?" or "Should I wear the black shirt or the blue one?" However, when you ask your mom if she will swallow your cum, that's kind of when you get to the thinking of this will be amazing, or this will be the worst thing ever. Let me go back a bit, though, before I get there. First, my name is Adam. I… Read more

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Mom & Sister

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

When I was 16 I lived with my parents and my older sister. She was studying body therapy, so twice a week she came home with a girlfriend colleague to practice massage in the afternoon, after classes. They took turns in practicing, and of course they enjoyed themselves. Both my parents work and arrive in the evening, so they had some privacy. They obviously undressed in the massage table and only covered their bodies with a towel, which they were removing to reveal the massaged area. That was actually too bad, but we lived in a small house and my sister and I shared a room, so I always found a… Read more

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So Young

Gay MaleBDSMFirst Time

As I look back over the years between ten and f******n as magical years, I have only recently noticed something else. Little did I know that the choices I made in those years would lead me where I have ended up today. Now I take young street-boys indiscriminately. I use them, abuse them, and cast them aside. Some are hurt, some are bloodied, and some actively pursue me. It is those who pursue me that I find most interesting. They are of a lifestyle and I am not. They want the rough sex I give them. The harder you pound your cock into them whether it is throat or anus, the more they want it. Th… Read more

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That Phone Call.

Interracial SexFirst TimeAnal

Sat at home waiting for the wife to come home from work! I thought I won't ring her in case she is driving? I waited and waited but no call. I rang her but no reply she must have a flat battery?. sometimes Jane goes out after work with her friends for a little wine to chill and talk work so I wasn't worried. I sat at home and chilled watching the football. the hours flew by and still no call, it was now 11'30 so I was a little worried, I rand her text her but still nothing, I rang Jane her friend and she said she wasn't with her but she will be Ok. I decided to lay upstairs on the bed re… Read more

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Sylvia m in the van, after school @2016

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

Silkie Greene,(formerly Sylvia Greenburg) is finishing telling Tom about the time she gave a blow job to her mother's drummer, and unbeknownst to her at the time, her mother's lover. . She then goes into another story about her life as a sexual temptress at age f******n: " "It was always a surprise when I made the first move. Did that get them excited? Oh God, did it ever... well,yeah, for boys especially. I got to see how erections work, I guess you could say that. I was having a lot of fun. Sometimes I would kiss the boy and rub him till he came in his pants. It was so great when I figured… Read more

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Bigboy Dog and His Bitches

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

My story begins right after my sister was rewarded a scholarship to go abroad and study under a famous Master Chef. She was having second thoughts about accepting it because she couldn't afford to have her Bullmastiff Bigboy boarded. She couldn't stand the thought of having to give him up. He had been our mother's dog and Bigboy was at her side when she had passed away, true to the last. Mom had asked Cheryl to take good care of him and she had. Cheryl had lived on the farm with mom and had the same love of the farm and the a****ls as her mom had. After mom had passed Cheryl had taken care of… Read more

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My First Time/Losing My Virginity

First Time

So about me, In my first story I described my first orgasm and how it defined my sexuality. I feel a brief description of my pre-sexual days is needed to understand how far I’ve come, what I had to overcome, and the path I took to become the sexual person I am now. Everyone has a story unique to themselves, this is mine. My father gave me gifts, he provided my mother with the biomaterial to help create me. He left my mother when I was six and divorced her when I was seven years old. At that time and for several years after I felt the separation and divorce was a bad thing. No, him gone was… Read more

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