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AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

Ciao, eccomi di nuovo, oggi vi parlerò ancora di me, di Gabriel e di Fabio e, più precisamente, della prima delle ormai innumerevoli volte che Fabio ha ciulato il culo a Gabriel davanti a me e, succussivamente, gli ha pisciato e sputato in gola. Per chi non lo sapesse Fabio è il miglior amico di Gabriel oltre ad essere un ragazzo che a me fa impazzire, soprattutto quando indossa dei pantaloni aderenti, una maglietta sufficientemente sbottonata in cui si intravveda il villoso petto e, soprattutto, quando ha le maniche tirate su in modo da scoprire due braccia pelosissime, toniche e ben tornite.… Read more

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His first ruined orgasm

First TimeBDSM

My name is Tanika, and I'm a ruined orgasm enthusiast. I'm about to tell you the story of his first ruined orgasm. He had been hitting on me for a while - sending me messages on Facebook asking me to send him photos - "accidentally" brushing up against me in the hallway. I was starting to get sick of it. I knew he had no interest in anything that I found sexually exciting, and he just wanted me for my body. He would tell me all the usual things that boys would say when they're trying to impress a girl. "I have ten inches." Yeah, right. "I usually can't come from sex, but I make all th… Read more

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Suanne Sunny Seeks Sex 1

CelebritiesFirst TimeVoyeur

Suave Suanne Sunny seeks sexual satisfaction from friends the beautiful blonde slender sweet tasty teen trusts Suave Suanne Sunny seeks sexual satisfaction from friends she trusts to thrust their tool inside her virgin pussy Suave Suanne sexy Sunny hot horny holes on offer: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Smart Suanne Sunny seeks love lessons, so she applies as sex-student at the Amsterdam 'E.E.I.I.', for… Read more

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My three sisters

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

I am the only boy and have three sisters: Emma, Melissa, and Karyn. Melissa is the oldest one, and Emma and Karyn are fraternal twins, and a year younger than me. We grew up in a very backward, rural area, without a dad, and with a d***k for a mom. Our mom's brother was the only man we ever met in the family, and he was a violent abusive d***k. So much so that all I remember from him is how he'd kick our asses up and down the halls of our house. When I turned 12, I was finally big enough to not let him hurt us anymore, but it wasn't until the following year that I was at last big enough to b… Read more

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20 Years of Infidelity Part 3

First TimeMatureHardcore

Even a weird norm can become normal. Jason and I came to look forward to our two to three hours of after school fucking. I was both sad and glad to have that huge cock for only two hours a day. Glad because after our initial sex marathon my pussy lips were left sore and swollen. No way I could have taken another eight to nine hours of hard sex again right after that. Sad because I really, really wanted to try! Ah well, I knew I'd have other opportunities and, boy, was I right! For the next month my entire schedule revolved around those hours after school before my husband came home. If Jason… Read more

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Red Rose 0: Ro'town

CelebritiesFirst TimeVoyeur

Red Rose is ready: always hot and horny, often no knickers for fast and easy access for her fingers and the rest Red Rose is ready to be plucked by a proper professional, to teach the tasty teasing teen everything 'in eroticis'! Red Rose outside Ro'town, full feminine sexy size: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Rose starts sex studies at the 'E.E.I.I.' in Amsterdam, at an invitation of Professor Peter a… Read more

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Lucky First Time Anal - Part 1/2

First TimeAnalGay Male

Looking back, I know I was very lucky with my first anal experience. I'd been consciously bi-curious for a number of years, and had played with my ass during masturbation for much longer. I'd heard of an anal orgasm, but had never had one through any combination of longevity or intensity of stimulation on my own part. That was soon to change. My girlfriend at the time was away and I was feeling horny. Then, as now, my appetite for cock or cunt has an ebb and flow and this was one of those times I was thinking of cock. I never feel entirely gay or straight, but would identify as heterosexual a… Read more

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And there was Laura. Chapter 3

First TimeTaboo

Laura? Laura is one of two siblings. She has a brother. Her family were a very "Huggy" sort of family. Were others shake hands, their family would greet you with a hug or sometimes a kiss on the cheek. Maybe it comes from Laura`s dad being Italian. When Laura and I went to bed on a night, I would hug Andrew, her brother, and kiss Laura on the cheek. Laura was slender. Some might have said she was too thin. She had long auburn hair, which she would tie up. She had the smallest of faces, but her big glasses disguised this and made her look like a nerd. Her breasts were a 32B and she didn`t oft… Read more

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meine nachbarin

First Time

Meine Nachbarin Ich habe ein gutes Verhältnis zu Meine Nachbarin. Wir trinken oft morgens Kaffee Zusammen, ich bin morgens als Sie kommt in mein Nachthemd Und Svenja, da sie gegenüber wohnt kommt meist im Bademantel rüber. Eines Tages als mein Mann in der Reha war fand in eine Schublade ein Gegenstand und wusste nicht was es war. Am nächsten t Tag kam Svenja wie fast immer im Bademantel zum Kaffee trinken rüber. Ich war noch im Nachthemd und hatte sonnst nichts drunter. Dann zeigte ich Svenja den Gegenstand den ich gefunden hatte. Oho sagte sie das ist ein USB-stick und fragte ob sehen wollte… Read more

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Episode 77: Jessica and Lizzie

First TimeLesbian SexInterracial Sex

It was the first day of the new school year – Lizzie and I were in the same Technology class along with a handful of quite attractive boys and girls. I usually prefer girls, but am quite happy to suck the occasional cock or two. It seems we had spent most of the summer holidays in bed – sucking on each other’s pussy and her Step-dad’s lovely cock. He had taken us to the seaside, staying in a tiny holiday chalet on the South Devon coast– it had a kitchen, bathroom and just one bedroom, filled by a king size bed. That first night, I had finished brushing my teeth, dressed in just bed-shorts; a t… Read more

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A plumbing problem.

First TimeAnalMature

The portable buzzed in Christopher’s pocket. It was a message from Ike. Christopher frowned upon reading: “Please come over asap, I got a plumbing problem”. When he sent a message back asking to explain what he meant by that, Ike texted: “My boyfriend’s balls need to be drained tonight”. The blue alien chuckled, that was Ike all over. His ears fluffed, they always did when he was horny. “We definitely need to meet after work; this horniness is killing me” he thought. The whole of the day Christopher had looked on his watch, counting the minutes he’d be going to see Ike. Christopher was his o… Read more

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Annie cums to dinner

BDSMMatureFirst Time

The following weekend I invited my PA Annie and Sam my ex-boyfriend around to my house for dinner plus a little fun hopefully afterwards. Annie is 25, blonde and gorgeous. Sam is just Sam but my Dom. Annie had expressed a desire to be submissive, this was her opportunity to experience it I had made an effort and choose a slinky black dress, very sheer and tight fitting. Nothing underneath as it would spoil the smooth outline Sam arrived first and we had a drink and chatted until Annie arrived shortly afterwards Annie too appeared to have forgotten her underwear too I was pleased to note.… Read more

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Annie gets arsed

AnalBDSMFirst Time

I invited my PA Annie around to my house for dinner plus a little fun hopefully afterwards. I had made an effort and choose a slinky red dress, very sheer and tight fitting. Nothing underneath as it would spoil the smooth outline Annie arrived wearing a beautiful too short white dress, almost translucent. Plunging neckline to below her breasts revealing plenty of her beautiful tits. As requested she was completely naked underneath I got Annie a drink and we chatted for a short while then made our way across the the pub restaurant At the restaurant we were again shown to my favourite table… Read more

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Juicy Jessy at Poets Petra 'n Peter 2

CelebritiesFirst TimeTaboo

Juicy Jessy meets Pretty Petra at Professor Poet Peter, her great grandfather, who learned her all in love Juicy Jessy meets Poet Peter's meat, which is her right, as soon she discovers the truth about her f(a)mily Princess Pretty Petra 'en Profil' at her 18th birthday: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poet Peter has only one daughter, Jessy's mom, who never let her in on how she had learned love from him Poe… Read more

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Petra Private: Molly Masturbates 3

CelebritiesFirst TimeTaboo

Petra's Perfect Perverse sexy set-up is make Molly Mallone Masturbate on camera for a very private audience Petra Perfectly sees signs of excitement of Molly as she unpacks her box with ordered sex-tools next meeting! Princess Pretty Petra 'en Profil' at her 18th birthday: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Petra provides an armchair for Molly as she unpacks and inspects the two dildos and a set of her hand-cuffs P… Read more

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--Krista {revised} The Beginning

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Meet Krista - in Red - first Snap Crotch story by me a story of a re-connection of crossing paths from the age of (??) to 55 T.B.C. {and Edit .. no* Version II} 01-Krista was a school chum of mine that I had my eye on in eighth grade. By chance she asked me what I was doing after school. She told me that she now has phone privileges from her strict mom. Krista was told I had an hour before my parents got home, and could talk then. She gave me her home phone number. LUV-SEXY written on a note. 02-Krista knew nothing about sex and wanted to talk to a boy, but not face-to-face, Talking… Read more

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First Time

Slm Ben Erkan Alman ya Nrw yasiyorum 37 yasında evli biriyim Biliyorum evli birinin arayis icinde olmasi hic hos birsey degil ama evli olupta hayatinda bircok eksiklik olan kisiler beni cok iyi anlayacaklardir. Guzel bir sosyal cevre aile ve iliskiler olmasina ragmen dısaridan cok mutlu gorunmeme ragmen icimde yanginlar vardi cinsel hayatimiz cogu evlilikte oldugu gibi cok sıradan sanki gorev gibi yapılan birsey olmustu hani evliyim yapmaliyim yapalim bitsin tarzinda tabiki kabul etmek gerekir erkek yada kadin farketmez her insanin sekse bakıs acisi hayatindaki onemi farklidir kimi icin birinc… Read more

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Boss gets his way with wife

First TimeMature

My husband I have been married for three years and we recently decided to have a baby. While I was getting off of the pill and starting my pre-natal vitamin regime my husband was trying to earn some additional money to help with all of the new expenses by working a second job. Ironically, just after we decided we wanted to start a f****y we stopped having sex. Jim was just too tired when he got home. We were planning a special get away weekend and we planned to consummate our decision then. Things got a little complicated just before our little get away. Unfortunately, my husband didn't rea… Read more

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The Godfather, Pt I

MasturbationFirst TimeVoyeur

Mary had often wondered what her godfather's house would look like. It was much grander than she expected. Mary was excited when she entered the mansion that would be her home for the next few months. The warm embrace that Paul, a long-time friend of her parents' and a successful businessman, had given her when she arrived, had been a little longer than strictly necessary. But she did not mind that at all. She had always found Paul with his green eyes and shock of auburn hair fascinating. Now that she was 18, she was looking forward to getting to know him better. Her bedroom was high-ceilinge… Read more

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Kristi's Dilemma, Part Six - Kristi Begins To

First TimeHardcoreMature

The next day at work, Kristi told Amy what had happened. Amy was not surprised. “So, what did you think? Did you like it?” Kristi looked away. “Yes and no. I mean, I really like Mike. He seems so...caring. Like he understood my situation completely. Like he really cares about me as a person. And the way he felt inside me…” Her voice trailed off. Then she looked back at Amy. “But Amy, I feel so guilty! I cheated on Jim! And I enjoyed it!” She began to cry. Amy quickly took her in her arms and hugged her, stroking her hair and holding her close. “It’s OK, Kristi, really it is. Trust me, you’… Read more

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