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Auction At The Farm

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Auction At The Farm ---------- We had just finished breakfast and were heading for the main barn office, when an entourage of black Suburbans followed by a sleek stretch limousine pulled into the parking area. Several sets of well-dressed men with dark glasses fairly well leapt out of the Suburbans and took positions around the limousine. My first impression was that the President or some other high government official had come for a visit. The men in dark glasses all had noticeable bulges, not in their crotches as I was accustomed to seeing, but at their waistbands under the suit jackets. I… Read more

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Young teen discovers his love for cock.

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When I was very young, I found a "Playgirl" magazine. As I nervously flipped through the pages, I found myself becoming aroused by the pictures of all the naked men. I was drawn to the images of their cocks. Their manhoods looked so sensual, so manly and beautiful. When I read the sex stories inside, I found myself imagining I was the girl, getting to touch and suck cock. I began to dream about it, to lust after it. I soon got a chance to live out my fantasy. I was over at a friend's house for a sleep over. We had gotten some beer and were both buzzed as we went to sleep. My friend was asleep… Read more

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Shopping Spree

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Some good friends had invited me to go away with them for the weekend. We were travelling by yacht to a secluded beach to relax, eat drink and be merry. I decided to spoil myself and pick up a new swimming costume and maybe check out some hot underwear. On arrival to my favourite swim/sports and underwear shop I was met be a rather cute, masculine and quite fit guy. Tall, dark brown hair, olive skin and on first glance everything appeared to be in the right place. I explained what I was after and before long I’d found a couple of hot looking swimmers to try on and a handful of sexy underw… Read more

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My Daugther lessons

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I didn't become attracted to my daughter until shortly after her eighteenth birthday. It wasn't an attraction that I fought for years, either, telling myself that I had to wait until she was old enough before I began to lust for her. Becky was simply my daughter and, in spite of her stunning beauty, I had absolutely no desire for her as a lover. I don't believe the idea of making love to her ever came to mind. In fact, the only thoughts I had were the normal concerns of every father for his little girl: the pack of young boys who would eventually show up on my doorstep one day. Becky is sho… Read more

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Bumfucked by her husband

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True story. I had seen this couple a few times before on my travels. In fact they had invited me back to their place the very first time we had met in a bar after chatting for a while but I had refused their kind offer (partly because I wasn't too well that night and partly because I was a bit reluctant to go off with two strangers I'd only just met). The man was tall and big built. The woman was very petite in size and build. - They were a good looking couple in their late forties. The man dressed very business-like with a shir… Read more

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Big Boy Part 1


True story... A year or so ago I was in a town I had never been in before and I was of course 'crossdressed' (if clothes have genders). I was out shopping and got chatting to some locals. I was asking them what I could do while I was in their little town. They gave me a few suggestions like the nearby theatre and art museum but then warned me cautiously... "This is a small town...A lot of people won't accept you here...Whatever you do don't go to the 'Wallace Inn' (that's not the 'real' name of the pub I was in, (i'd rather keep… Read more

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The preachers family 1

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Please let me know what you guys think I am not the original Author My name is Matthew, but everyone calls me Mattie and my life is a mess. I was the smallest guy in my class at Jr high. I am a virgin but torn because all my friends were starting to notice the girls and I was more interested in the bodies of the guys. I was way too shy to ever talk to a girl on my own, let alone talk to a guy about my feelings. On top of this, my folks made a huge deal about grades, so I was always studying and making honor roll. My home life wasn't much better. My dad was a pastor at the local c… Read more

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How I became a toy / PART TWO

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This is my account of how I became a toy. Brad and his words lingered in my mind for the remainder of my shift at work. I Daydreamed about his large hands squeezing my cheeks together. I imagined what his intentions were for me and how I should act when I see him next. The afternoon slowly wound down and I was extremely nervous thinking about what was going to happen. Soon after my shift was over I stood in the back end of the parking lot and waited for Brad to arrive. Soon his large black SUV rolled up to me and he rolled the passenger window down. "Hello Lex, hop in and ill give you a… Read more

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Sex with Daugther

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I was about halfway to my first orgasm when I noticed my Dad, out of the corner of my eye, standing there watching me eat out my own pussy with a shocked look on his face. No, shocked isn’t the right word. The right word doesn’t exist… His expression was shock, awe, amazement, arousal, disbelief, all rolled into one. Being in a seriously sexual frame of mind, as I obviously was at the moment, I shamelessly checked my own Dad’s package and found his loose pajama’s outrageously tented. Wow, I thought for maybe the millionth time in my young life, Dad’s sure got a big one. I also felt a thrill of… Read more

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Growing Up Perverted


It actually started when I was nine years old.  My sister and I were playing with neighborhood k**s one day.  We were up in a tree house and bored.  My sister said she wanted to see my wiener.  The other two girls were about ten and twelve.  They wanted to see it too.  So I pulled my pants down and showed them.  When they all touched it it got really hard.  They were fascinated by it.  I asked to see their pussies.  They all pulled their pants and panties down and let me touch them.  None of us knew what we were really doing.  Just k*… Read more

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How I became a toy / PART TWO

First TimeHardcoreMasturbation

This is my account of how I became a toy. Brad and his words lingered in my mind for the remainder of my shift at work. I Daydreamed about his large hands squeezing my cheeks together. I imagined what his intentions were for me and how I should act when I see him next. The afternoon slowly wound down and I was extremely nervous thinking about what was going to happen. Soon after my shift was over I stood in the back end of the parking lot and waited for Brad to arrive. Soon his large black SUV rolled up to me and he rolled the passenger window down. "Hello Lex, hop in and ill give you a lif… Read more

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First time - Prom Weekend

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This is my first story always wanted to share this and never have it's 100% true feel free to comment and give me advice for future post. I was 18 and it was prom weekend/ memorial day weekend and I had just split up with my GF who was a freshman in college I was a senior in HS. I am a fit soccer player 5ft7 white guy avg build. Since I was no longer going to prom with anyone I decided to still go to Prom Weekend since I had the hotel paid for in Wildwoof. Instead of me and my ex going I brought a friend in her place. It was the first night i was extremely horny from not getting any since… Read more

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Funnel Fun


He rammed her pussy hard.  Watching it slide in and out was incredible.  She was more turned on than I had ever seen her.  It must have been the taboo nature of having such raw sex with more than one man at the same time that got her so excited.  It definitely excited me.  The plan was to have several men fuck her and cum inside her hairy pussy in succession.  The cum was to be collected each time and saved for the funnel later.  It turned into a marathon of graphic nudity and passionate hard core fucking.  He fucked her for a long time while the re… Read more

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My Amazing Mother!

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One day I was walking by my mother's bedroom and I got close to the room I could see the door cracked opened a little bit and there was the first time I saw my mom naked. She was standing in front of the closet with her back facing me. I was frozen in my tracks and just staring at her. She was looking at her cloths and was giving me a show that would change my life. Mom was pretty hot 5'6 Tan skin about 130lbs and D cup. I was always in to sex I always keep to myself about sex I would play with myself in the bathroom and would look at dirty books. I started to get hard and realize for th… Read more

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Human Rescourse part between 1 and 3 the one was c

BDSMLesbian Sex

I walk into a very spaces office small but selective library to my left another Mahogany coffee table to my right with two chairs of the same kind each on the opposite side of the table looks like the table has never been used. Most likely a new purchase after 30days and dust collected it will be discarded n a new one will be brought in that’s how this type of people operated. I walk in very fancy offices all in ash Maghoney wood display thru out the office the floor even looks like marble or that thing that appears as marble but a sheep version of it, but this does not look sheep at all even… Read more

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Brookdale Chapter 6

BDSMFirst Time

CHAPTER SIX When William heard his father's voice calling him from the basement, he already had a good idea as to what Greg had been doing and had dressed accordingly in just a pair of sports shorts. William had only returned home from school a matter of days, but during that time he had quickly become accustomed to the realisation that, in his position as a male in the township, this gave him an automatic superiority of over the vast majority of women in the community. The last year at school had been one of the most interesting and enjoyable times of his life. To find that the curriculum… Read more

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Wife turns the tables

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

I'm the man , I make the rules...well I once did. Right after I married Andrea she was the most perfect wife, sexy , hot, and a perfect personality. I began to notice how she seemed to enjoy all the attention get got when we were out. She has always dressed to show off her five foot three one hundred pound body. Her tight little thirty four B cups never need support and always went braless. Andrea loves the warm weather, it gives her the opportunity to dress to get all the guys to look. I once mentioned to her about how some of the men had a hungry look in their eyes. She giggled and kissed my… Read more

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Super Bowl Sunday

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It was the week before the Super Bowl, Eagles vs. Patriots when I mentioned to my wife that I would be having a friend, Mike, over to watch the game on Sunday. He was passing thru and wanted to get caught up before getting back on the road. He would be able to watch the game then he was going to drive a few hours before stopping for the night. We hadn’t seen each other for a several years since he moved off, but we had been staying in touch. I asked my wife to set up something so that his short stay would be relaxing while we talked and watched the game. All she said was “Do you want the typ… Read more

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Writer's Block


I came round, groggy and confused. It was pitch dark and cold. The first sensation was the pain in my arms and wrists, which were pointing diagonally upwards, attached to something I could not see. I tried to move to ease the stiffness, but my ankles were similarly spread wide and attached to the floor. Panic followed quickly. I thrashed for a while, breathing quickly as I tugged against the stiff restraints, but it was no use. "Hey!" I shouted. The words echoed and as my eyes became used to the gloom, I could see that I was at one end of a very long corridor. At the far end, a door was ope… Read more

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fantasme réalisé


Ce jour mercredi la journée des enfants, je devais être libre la journée entière. J’étais impatiente de voir Fred afin de réaliser un fantasme avec des légumes. Fred m’avait dit au tél, qu’il avait trouvé 3 aubergines, un concombre, 3 courgettes, 2 citrons et 3 carottes. Je sentais que ma chatte et mon cul allaient être contents. Ma fille était chez sa nounou et j’étais prête à tout. J’ai entendu la sonnette à l’entrée, je me suis précipité et quelle déception, c’était ma belle-mère qui venait me voir. Nous avons une grande complicité car son mari déjà décédé, était un coureur de jupons et ell… Read more

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