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His first ruined orgasm

First TimeBDSM

My name is Tanika, and I'm a ruined orgasm enthusiast. I'm about to tell you the story of his first ruined orgasm. He had been hitting on me for a while - sending me messages on Facebook asking me to send him photos - "accidentally" brushing up against me in the hallway. I was starting to get sick of it. I knew he had no interest in anything that I found sexually exciting, and he just wanted me for my body. He would tell me all the usual things that boys would say when they're trying to impress a girl. "I have ten inches." Yeah, right. "I usually can't come from sex, but I make all th… Read more

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She was a life long cheating wife, and I had no id

Group Sex

We dated the last year and a half of high school, and were sexually active nearly the entire time. When we graduated, she was pregnant. Although we had both made plans for college, we got married instead. Sharon miscarried that baby, but we chose to stay together. At the time of her death, we had been married over 45 years. In that time, I was aware that she had been unfaithful to me with two men. The first time, a few months after the birth of our first daughter, a former boyfriend came to the house one evening while I was at work. She told me about his visit that night when I got home. He h… Read more

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AnalFirst TimeGroup Sex

Ciao, eccomi di nuovo, oggi vi parlerò ancora di me, di Gabriel e di Fabio e, più precisamente, della prima delle ormai innumerevoli volte che Fabio ha ciulato il culo a Gabriel davanti a me e, succussivamente, gli ha pisciato e sputato in gola. Per chi non lo sapesse Fabio è il miglior amico di Gabriel oltre ad essere un ragazzo che a me fa impazzire, soprattutto quando indossa dei pantaloni aderenti, una maglietta sufficientemente sbottonata in cui si intravveda il villoso petto e, soprattutto, quando ha le maniche tirate su in modo da scoprire due braccia pelosissime, toniche e ben tornite.… Read more

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Janice's Story


My name is Janice and I’m 39. As you can see I have a bit of a muffin top, a bit of a belly and no ass. So I never thought it would happen to me. I’m a secretary in a dental office, it consists of making appointments, cancelling appointments and confirming appointments. It’s not the place to meet men. The majority are either happily monogamous or not looking for anything beyond a one night stand. I have had a couple of those though. I had just gotten home on a routine Thursday evening. I used my key to unlock both locks to the front door, I remember that. I put my shoes onto the shoe rack and… Read more

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Suanne Sunny Seeks Sex 1

CelebritiesFirst TimeVoyeur

Suave Suanne Sunny seeks sexual satisfaction from friends the beautiful blonde slender sweet tasty teen trusts Suave Suanne Sunny seeks sexual satisfaction from friends she trusts to thrust their tool inside her virgin pussy Suave Suanne sexy Sunny hot horny holes on offer: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Smart Suanne Sunny seeks love lessons, so she applies as sex-student at the Amsterdam 'E.E.I.I.', for… Read more

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Kocamın müşterileri 2

Interracial SexGroup SexAnal

Vücudumun kasılmaları, titremeleri biter bitmez, kalçalarım hareketlendiler. Şimdi, ellerimle ayak parmaklarımın üzerinde dengelenmiş, götümdeki sikin üstünde çılgın bir dansa başlamıştım sanki. Yukarı aşağı, sağa sola, ileri geri, her yöne hareket ediyordu kalçalarım… Götüm Faslı’nın sikini sımsıkı kavramış, adeta sağıyordu. Gözlerim hala kapalıydı. Zevkten kendimi kaybetmiştim sanki. Kalçalarımı her yukarı kaldırışımda, o upuzun sik nededeyse ucuna kadar çıkıyordu götümden… Sonra hırsla geri oturuyor, yeniden köküne kadar içime alıyordum. Birden dudaklarıma alev gibi yakan bir şeylerin do… Read more

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20 Years of Infidelity Part 3

First TimeMatureHardcore

Even a weird norm can become normal. Jason and I came to look forward to our two to three hours of after school fucking. I was both sad and glad to have that huge cock for only two hours a day. Glad because after our initial sex marathon my pussy lips were left sore and swollen. No way I could have taken another eight to nine hours of hard sex again right after that. Sad because I really, really wanted to try! Ah well, I knew I'd have other opportunities and, boy, was I right! For the next month my entire schedule revolved around those hours after school before my husband came home. If Jason… Read more

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don b from work!

FetishGay MaleShemales

don b worked with me and was about 50 with a average body and average looks. what separated don b from all the other men was his great and friendly personality also it didnt hurt that don b had alot of chest hair as it stuck out when his top button was undone.don b talked about getting regular rub and tugs at a massage parlour in mississauga. don b was always nice to me and when i was alone masturbating he kept cumming into my mind.don b was single but hung around alot with a women in pickering hoping to get into her. i was participating in a parade in pickering and waiting to parade with my b… Read more

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My three sisters

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

I am the only boy and have three sisters: Emma, Melissa, and Karyn. Melissa is the oldest one, and Emma and Karyn are fraternal twins, and a year younger than me. We grew up in a very backward, rural area, without a dad, and with a d***k for a mom. Our mom's brother was the only man we ever met in the family, and he was a violent abusive d***k. So much so that all I remember from him is how he'd kick our asses up and down the halls of our house. When I turned 12, I was finally big enough to not let him hurt us anymore, but it wasn't until the following year that I was at last big enough to b… Read more

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I usually never drink but my friend was getting married and I had a few glasses of champagne. I was d***k and Jim said he would take me home. Instead he took me to his house and I woke up the next day naked in his bed full of cum and Jim was sucking one of my nipples as he finger fucked my cunt. When I stirred he looked at me and said "Your tits are amazing. Big and round and firm with nice plump nipples. I sucked them a lot last night." Then he pressed his hard dick against my leg and it was easy to feel how big his meat was. I was getting very turned on and moved his head to my other tit to… Read more

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the cute guy

AnalGay MaleHardcore

The Cute Guy Was asked to share this story Yesterday I hooked up with a guy I had been with once before. I meet him thru Craig’s List The first time he pretty much just sucked my cock I didn’t get to suck his I don’t think he thought I wanted to. But I did see that he had a nice big cock about 7.5 to 8 Inchs and a sexy little butt didn’t see his pretty hole (I have a bit of an asshole fetish). Due to work and other things I didn’t get a chance to hook up with him again for a while and when I tried I found that the Email from CL didn’t work. Upon looking at the email some time later about 6 mo… Read more

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Red Rose 0: Ro'town

CelebritiesFirst TimeVoyeur

Red Rose is ready: always hot and horny, often no knickers for fast and easy access for her fingers and the rest Red Rose is ready to be plucked by a proper professional, to teach the tasty teasing teen everything 'in eroticis'! Red Rose outside Ro'town, full feminine sexy size: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Rose starts sex studies at the 'E.E.I.I.' in Amsterdam, at an invitation of Professor Peter a… Read more

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The best season :-P


When the best season starts you start to peek always with a little more attention, as in my case, having a very good sister :-P. it was spring when I opened the door of my building and, at the beginning of the ladders, i've found front me, sitted, my sister, with a boy beside her, I do not know if she was a boyfriend or lover: -P, my sis had a nice pair of black-transparent tights, with low shoes, and a skirt more or less at central-thigh, legs bent and closed, but in the movements, they could always open themself a little :-P. While we talking i peeked and not peeked, but not because I was af… Read more

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Lucky First Time Anal - Part 1/2

First TimeAnalGay Male

Looking back, I know I was very lucky with my first anal experience. I'd been consciously bi-curious for a number of years, and had played with my ass during masturbation for much longer. I'd heard of an anal orgasm, but had never had one through any combination of longevity or intensity of stimulation on my own part. That was soon to change. My girlfriend at the time was away and I was feeling horny. Then, as now, my appetite for cock or cunt has an ebb and flow and this was one of those times I was thinking of cock. I never feel entirely gay or straight, but would identify as heterosexual a… Read more

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Cockslave / Feminization as told to me

Gay MaleMasturbationTaboo

Cockslave / Feminization as told to me Story from the perspective of a college boy who is abused by a dom master and turned into a sissy faggot pussyboy whore, who learns to love his abuse. This is my story of how I was turned into a cock slave. I'm 5'10, 165 lbs, with a smooth, almost hairless body. I'm in good shape with a baby face and barely any beard. I grew up around New York as a straight male, but I did have a few experiences with other guys when I was young. I dated and slept with girls and was straight in appearance and actions. Like most guys, I thought being queer was the most… Read more

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Die Verwandlung zur Gummisklavin


HI ich bin Elli und 20 Jahre alt. Mein größter Wunsch ist es den Rest meines Lebens als Gummisklavin zu verbringen. Als ich meinem Freund von meinem Traum erzählte, sagte er ganz erstaunt das er einen ähnlichen Gedanken gehabt hatte aber, diesen aus Angst mich zu verlieren mir nicht erzählt hatte. Ich erzählte ihm alles was ich wollte, er fing an sich Gedanken darüber zu machen und meinte zu mir, das meine Erziehung zur Gummisklavin am Montag beginnen würde. Ca. Zwei Stunden später sagte er zu mir, dass er schon ein paar Überraschungen für meine Erziehung bestellt hatte. Das gesamte Wochenende… Read more

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And there was Laura. Chapter 3

First TimeTaboo

Laura? Laura is one of two siblings. She has a brother. Her family were a very "Huggy" sort of family. Were others shake hands, their family would greet you with a hug or sometimes a kiss on the cheek. Maybe it comes from Laura`s dad being Italian. When Laura and I went to bed on a night, I would hug Andrew, her brother, and kiss Laura on the cheek. Laura was slender. Some might have said she was too thin. She had long auburn hair, which she would tie up. She had the smallest of faces, but her big glasses disguised this and made her look like a nerd. Her breasts were a 32B and she didn`t oft… Read more

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iCarly: iCan't Do This - Chapter 7

Lesbian SexCelebrities

iCarly: iCan't Do This - Chapter 7: I Need To See "Sam? It's... it's your mom again." Spencer says hesitantly, holding the phone. I draw my knees up to me, resting my chin on them and shaking my head. "Sam..." He sighs and puts the phone to his ear. "Sorry Mrs Puckett, Sam's... Sam's not... she's not... she can't talk right now." He ends the call, turning to look at me. It's all anyone seems to do these days. Look at me, with that mixture of sympathy and pity and... and fear. It makes me sick. "You've gotta talk to her sometime." Spencer's voice is soft, pleading. "Uh uh. Don't wann… Read more

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Ein ungewollter Ausflug ins homosexuelle Gefilde

AnalInterracial SexGay Male

Nackt wie ich war, betrat ich das dunkle Schlafzimmer. Meine Frau trug noch ihren rosa Bademantel - sie fror ständig, weshalb wir, bevor wir baden gegangen waren, die Heizung im Schlafzimmer aufgedreht hatten. Die trockene Zimmerluft schlug mir sogleich entgegen. Aber nicht nur diese, sondern auch ein befremdlicher Anblick. Von draußen fiel etwas Licht durchs Fenster, weshalb ich davor eine dunkle Silhouette entdeckte. Stand dort jemand in der Dunkelheit unseres Schlafzimmers? Meine Frau schloss die Zimmertür. Während ich noch entsetzt die Silhouette betrachtete, spürte ich, wie Andrea meine A… Read more

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I had been dating this girl I’ll call Rachel for several months. She was fun and adventurous, both out, and in bed. Usually, it took a long time before I would reveal my cross dressing to a girl. Sometimes I would have to because I left a receipt out somewhere and I had to explain that the clothing wasn’t for another girl, but for me. This time was going to be much different. Rachel and I were out one night and she had something about how she knew me so well, that there was nothing about me that I could ever surprise her with, and I was an open book. I then asked her if there was some se… Read more

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