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ANGELA-FRAT PARTY- Trip From Innocence to CUM SLUT

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CONTINUED-THE FRAT HOUSE PARTY CONTINUED-THE FRAT HOUSE PARTY It was about 10 when we pulled into the driveway of an old,wood frame house with frat insignia all over the place.My heart was pounding and I was slightly damp between my legs in anticipation! I told myself to calm down and just be myself. So, their were a few guys, all a little older than me and I was already very horny! We entered through the lobby which opened into a big living room with sofa… Read more

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Wife Val Ace of Spades pt. 3

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So now with Val exposing to me about her first two Ace of Spades tattoos, and the implications of a white wife marked for life, and as a simply white wife who will only be fucked , and used by black dudes, Val went off to get the other two Ace of Spades tattoos I requested her to have marking her white body some more. As Val arrived at the tattoo parlor again, she walked in, and there were the two guys that makes Val with her first set of tattoos. They asked Val if she liked her Ace of Spades tattoos, and inquired if she was back for more tattoos. Val immediately replied to them, Hell yes I wa… Read more

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Mona's weekend


Mona lay back on the sofa, taking in the view over the deck and the valley. There was a slight breeze, which she could feel on her legs as it ruffled her light summer dress. The afternoon was warm and the sun teased a beautiful sunset to come. Decisively, Mona reached over and took the bottle of Honeysuckle Riesling she had chilling in the ice bucket by her feet. It was a wine she had discovered the week before, and was quietly enamoured with it. Pouring herself a glass, she kicked off her sandals and crossed her ankles. The breeze had no choice but to move up her legs, lifting her dress and… Read more

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End of season party

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As with any holiday centre, especially where many of the young staff lived on site there was an abundance of chalet hopping and sexual shenanigans going on. Almost every day brought a fresh, scandalous piece of gossip, Jane from the bars has dumped John the life guard, and is now fucking Paul the entertainments manager, and so on. I worked in the catering department as a chef, I didn't live on site as I owned my own home and I'm married with k**s. The catering department had by far the largest number of staff living on camp, and were therefore at the centre of most of the scandalous rumours fl… Read more

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Amy 6

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When we pulled in to park at the apartment Amy was taking off her seatbelt before the car was parked. Soon as it stopped moving Amy opened her door and got out before I could say anything. I hurried up to catch up with her and she was walking like she was drunk and knew the drinks did the trick. I walked next to her and told her there was nothing I could do and asked her if she was mad at me. Amy stammered out that she knew I couldn't stop it and she just kept walking. I asked her if she got hurt inside and she stammered out a no and started crying harder as she walked. I didn't say anything e… Read more

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A Night We Won't Forget Part 2


This is the story of what happened after that fateful night. If you did not read the first chapter of this story, I recommend you do so. I am telling this story with the benefit of the knowledge I received almost a year later when my wife and I finally opened up to each other and shared our true thoughts and feelings about this period of our lives. The next morning was extremely awkward to say the least. As usual, I was the first to wake up. At some point during the night I must have rolled off my daughter, but she was still sleeping peacefully by my side, snuggled up against me… Read more

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2 weeks in side my Mother-in-law.


This is a story and every one over 18. My name is Jeff Deacon and I’m a married man with two k**s and this is the story of how I spent two weeks fucking my 57 year old mother-in-law while my wife was out of town fucking her father. First let me tell about me and my wife Jess, we meet in college and fell in love and got married at 18 and my wife got pregnant at 19 and gave birth to our twins a boy and girl now aged 16 and I fought I had a normal life until one day. I want home early one day and my wife had the day off and she did say her dad was going to go round to help out with some stuff,… Read more

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Becoming my dad's and Uncle's Girl part

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This is not a true story and this is a gay taboo over 18 stories. Hi my name is Monty Dell well its Monica when I’m around my dad Adam and my uncle Alex and this how a 19 year old guy become sexy girl because of the why I look and sound but let me tell you more about me and my family. I was born with a rear hair disorder that means I can’t grow body hair or facial hair and the hair on my head that grows really long like girls hair and as I grew up I started of looking like boy then my facial features turned more girly and my voice cracked very high so I sound like a girls when I talk normal… Read more

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Amy 5

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I ended up calling the number a couple days later. I was really surprised that he didn't sound black at all. We ended up talking a couple times that week and I said that it had to be like she had to do it and had no other choice. I explained that no v******e at all and just a gentle force or Amy would never get fucked in front of me. I agreed to the filming since I wanted to be able to watch it later after it was over. We had to wait to make sure it was the right time of the month for Amy's period so nothing would mess it up. We discussed how he didn't have to use a rubber and I really wanted… Read more

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I am mia.. female30 yrs. Lips. Moist as she bit her lip.. watching me from afar..I knew I slowly caressed my nipple feeling myself get wett... and felt her hot hands hugging me tightly. From behind caressing my nipple tugging softly.aunt Kim tugged and massaged me. Rubbing my breast tugging..pulling.. fingering her way up my hips coll wett kisses . I felt her moist lips diving into my vagina and nuzzling ..my nipple. Diving into my caginavand nuzzling. Teasing my curls with her fingers..twirling.. as she slowly ,,firmly fiercely finger fucking Me and instantly giving me hot oral sex. * hug… Read more

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More Than A Cuckold

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I became a cuckold a few months ago, and it was really not that dramatic. I guess it came naturally to me. I’m married to a beautiful woman, 5’4”, slim waist, big round butt and nice D cup breasts, white pale skin and blonde. After a few years of marriage, Dee told me, one night, that she was having an affair. When she told me, she was stroking my cock and it was one of these “take it,or leave it” situations. I remember stuttering asking her to tell me about it, as my dick became rock hard. She told me then that she was having sex with a gym teacher, 10 years younger, and when she told me that… Read more

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Gift for Wife-No-Husband

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Gift for Wife-No-Husband story of an Egyptian wife in America You can say that my life was different from most typical Americans. I was born and raised in New Jersey, but my parents were conservative Egyptian Arabs. I grew up a well-adjusted male, who followed his religion as much as I could. Life was fun, I had friends, and went on to college to study Biology. I never dated, or messed around, or partied, and soon after graduating, I let my parents find me a bride, and by the tender age of 23 I was happily married to a sweet 17 year old girl from Egypt (Yes u******e marri… Read more

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Frustrated Stephanie

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** I thought The Frustated Stephanie series had ended but due to lots of feedback from readers, I've decided to restart the series. It is strongly recommended to read the earlier chapters but it's not completely necessary. I don't know how long this series will continue but if readers have any ideas where to take this further, please leave me a comment. ** Stephanie couldn't believe what she was doing. It was beyond all comprehension but it was true. She was on her knees in the kitchen, wearing only her nightgown. Her mouth opened wider and her face lowered another inch as she gave her father… Read more

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The Burning Train - Beast with a Beautiful Lady


Well, I Always wonder when it come for sex it should not always be sex as the mistress just do not want us to put out penis and strike it off.. well in turn she ask you to play with her , cuddle her , poke her and do every nasty stuff so that she get what she actually deserve..!! and thanks for the replies i got from you.. especially a lady called Roshini... she was very much fascinated with what i expressed in my last experience and wanted to meet me not just for sex but as an individual to be a great companion with!! Well ,I would like to narrate with happened with me in a trip to Delhi fro… Read more

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Cuckold husband - semi-fiction

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I am finishing my chores when Thorn rises from the sofa: "Is the bathroom done yet?” “Yes, just finished.” “Good. I’m going to shower while you finish the kitchen and then you are to take me out dancing." That might sound good, but she knows I can’t dance and don’t even like it. Still, nothing to be done about that. I get on with my work as she gets ready. I see her flit from the bathroom to the bedroom and back again a couple of times. Obviously unable to decide what to wear, she passes in varied stages of undress and I enjoy her monumental body. At almost 200 pounds (14 st) and aged 45,… Read more

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Foot Fetish Story. To Moderators, this is tame stu


My Aunty Moira was something of a celebrity on my mother’s side of the family. A very well-dressed woman, always carefully coiffured and precisely manicured, she carried a certain haughtiness of style. When she spoke her other sisters listened, even her elder siblings hung on to her every firm pronouncement. She was a creature of the will, and that forceful will had brought her considerable success in her career such that she could afford the expensive designer clothes, hand made shoes and all the other paraphernalia that jingle and glitter about a woman’s form to demonstrate her status. Moir… Read more

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Shasta and Erin lesbian video shoot

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Erin sat on her sofa with her best friend Shasta and as usual the subject turned to their husbands. “My husband has always had this fantasy about watching me have sex with another woman” said Erin “I know what you mean” replied Shasta. Mine has said the same thing about me” Both women laughed, this topic of conversation had come up many times before. “I have an idea” said Erin “lets make a video of us in our underwear….a few sexy poses should put a stop to their going on all the time to see us together” “Good idea, nothing pornographic, just a couple of naughty poses to get them going” said S… Read more

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Clay Came home from Practice and I got a message

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I woke-up as Clay came into the apartment. He was spent. He had not even changed out of his practice suit, but threw a hoody on and jumped in his car. He dove for me on the couch with only my cum and sweat stained jock on. He shoved his hand down my abs into the front cupping my balls and searching for my hole. He said he had tons to tell me about practice, Coach Jeff smacked his nude ass in the shower as he walked by, and whispered to Clay “I’m full of cum!” He dozed off as he pointed to a message he took. While I was out being a sub bboy for all of NKP, a guy I knew from high school had cal… Read more

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I had just turned 65 and received my Medicare card. My wife was bugging me to get a complete physical (and a prescription for Viagra). Now I have been to many doctors over my lifetime but if anyone is going to stick their finger up my ass and hold my balls while I cough, I prefer a female doctor. Dr. Mia Kim who gave me a complete going over including the usual digital probe and ball cupping. I detected a slight smile cross her face when I began to get hard as she held my balls. Later when I asked for the Viagra prescription she asked if it was really necessary. As she wrote the prescription… Read more

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Slut: Suzi Posing Slut Part 7

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Part 7 I walked slowly toward the shower, holding the huge meaty cocks of my two black porno studs as each guy took a hold of a naked pierced breast each. Still parading around in my Garter belt and fishnet stockings, with my high heeled shoes making clicking sounds, resonating around the studio. Ali began to unclasp my stockings as Dec undid the clasp at the rear of the garter belt. Within seconds my stockings, shoes and garter were removed from my body leaving me vulnerably naked. While I wear my slut outfit I feel empowered and in control, being the slut I crave to be, but somehow being na… Read more

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